testMonday, August 27, 2007

Club Opening

Dear Badminton People

We still have to wait a little bit for our club to open. City of Arcadia asked us to wait for the 3rd hearing on 9/18 because of the concern of our neighbor on increasing of trash and traffic and use of their parkings etc.

It's been a long process for applying such a permit to open a Badminton Club. Believe you all would understand and makes our community nicer. Just throw the trash into the bin and recycle. And remember, only park on the designated parkings of the club only. We'll hire a full-time janitor to clean as always as possible. Show others we Badminton class are the uppermost.

In return, we would make this club the best to play. Everyone here will enjoy and sweat. Please keep post on this website and will let you know when will the grand opening be.

About this blog, please post everything about our club only. Have a good serve!

William Chan
Arcadia Badminton Club